2015 Chevy Spark 1LT EV


Mfg. Year 2015

Mileage 19150

Model Status Used Model

City Portland

Area Portland

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Sprocket Network ~ Driving the Future of Clean Energy Adoption™

Save some money and the environment with this city friendly, easy to park, super efficient Chevrolet Spark EV. Easy to navigate the city, easy to park, amazing acceleration, fun to drive.

I’ve been zipping around Portland and the west side with this car running sales routes and saving a bunch on gas! With my current kWh rates here in the city, and the typical 4-5 miles per kWh consumption rate, I can get nearly 150-200 miles for the same price as 1 gallon of gas.

Charges overnight on a standard 110v plug. Comes with charger cable for standard wall outlet and 100ft extension cable with cable bridge if you need to run it to the sidewalk. I share the driveway with my roommates so when I don’t have access I run the cable to the street and charge from there with no problems.

Price is negotiable.

Level 1 & Level 2 Charging Capable
Range: 65-82 mi battery-only
Battery charge time: 20h at 110V 8 amp, 13h at 110v 12amp, 7h at 220V
Battery: 19 kWh 400 V lithium-ion
Dimensions: 147″ L x 64″ W x 63″ H

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