The Basics of an Electric Car Conversion

The basic steps for EV conversion are simple.

  1. Remove the old internal combustion engine parts. This includes engine, exhaust, fuel system and tank.
  2. Prepare mounts for the motor and place the motor into the car.
  3. Create/prepare mounts for the batteries and place batteries in the car.
  4. Mount the controller/converter into the car.
  5. Add wiring to connect everything together.
  6. Charge the batteries and try it out!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, the devil is in the details. Those who use a kit purchased specifically for the car they are converting will have an easier time than those doing an off-the-cuff conversion of an unusual car or without a kit. You can expect to do a lot of fabrication, jury rigging, and so forth to make things work. Most conversions can take several weeks to complete unless done by a professional.